Digital Scrap 2: Videomaking as Layered Literacy

I’ve been a fan of Daniel Anderson‘s videos for years. They’re really interesting examples of multiple issues coming together: layered literacy, materiality, performance, making (poesis), rhetoric, and art (techne). As part of my credentialing for become an online teacher, I’m enrolled in a professional development course, and the first assignment in the course was to create an intro video for students to view. Instead of talking into my computer’s camera to remediate the 2-3 minute intro about myself that I give on the first day of course, I wanted to remediate the conceptual focus of the course too, so I tried my hand at making an Andersonian video.


To produce it, I recorded some video in iMovie and performed on my screen where I captured video and sound with Quicktime. I actually couldn’t hear the music as I was writing because I was using the Soundflower plug-in as the system input and output.

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