I am an Assistant Professor in English at College of Charleston.

I specialize in rhetoric and writing, focusing on digital rhetorics and digital literacies that are relevant to producing digital content.

Thus far, I have examined those topics through a focus on writers’ cumulative and material practices and the larger technological landscape.

My current project attempts to examine how the influence and effects of Web 3.0 challenge axiomatic notions of writing and writers. This project also focuses on the implications of those influences and effects for writing majors.

On this site, you can find a selected list of my publications and a complete list of the courses I’ve taught.

A copy of my C.V. is available here and through the site’s main menu.

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As a teacher, I have been able to translate and expand those areas of study by co-founding CofC’s Writing, Rhetoric, and Publication concentration and minor with Christopher Warnick.