Digital Scrap 3: Tinkering with Mobile Devices

As a kind of experiment, I wanted to see what kinds of texts I could make with my phone, an iPhone 6 whatever, using the iMovie mobile app and the Vimeo app. Because I live with an amazing subject to film, I ended up making dreamy dog videos backed by one of my favorite bands, Bonnie “Prince” Billy AKA Will Oldham.

Gatsby wants to be your only friend. from jacob_w_c on Vimeo.

Gatsby’s Choir Goes Higher. from jacob_w_c on Vimeo.

For every field there’s a Gats. from jacob_w_c on Vimeo.

Elsewhere, myself (and a lot of others) have discussed tinkering as a kind of metaphor or disposition to approach digital work, and it’s my observation that these texts improved (albeit slightly) in the progression from making “Friend” to “Field.” When making each one, I figured out some things about angles and speed and time and filter and resolution, and I think that those lessons are reflected in the most recent video, “Field.”

I’m considering in future iterations of 110, Intro to Academic Writing, to provide ample time and incentive to tinker, but as of now, that’s just a half-formed idea.

Aside from and in addition to those ideas, I just wanted to share some adorable, dreamy dog videos.

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