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Lauer and Brumberger’s (2019) article, “Redefining Writing for the Responsive Workplace” has been a game changer for me across different parts of my job: teacher, researcher, administrator. Because of this article, I think I am closer to identifying what the goals of a writing major should be–which has informed some recent course design. Because of… Continue reading Content in Writing Studies

Digital Scrap 2: Videomaking as Layered Literacy

I’ve been a fan of Daniel Anderson‘s videos for years. They’re really interesting examples of multiple issues coming together: layered literacy, materiality, performance,¬†making (poesis), rhetoric, and art (techne). As part of my credentialing for become an online teacher, I’m enrolled in a professional development course, and the first assignment in the course was to create… Continue reading Digital Scrap 2: Videomaking as Layered Literacy

The Social Web During Hurricane Matthew

Now that everyone has stopped talking about Hurricane Matthew in Charleston, I feel like I can make this observation. But first, a little background: I’m from Arkansas, a land-locked state where tornadoes are the concern. Unlike hurricanes, ¬†tornadoes are momentary. They last a few minutes, and everything is either okay or less than okay. My… Continue reading The Social Web During Hurricane Matthew

Writing without deadlines

One of the positives of my grad school experience was that I always had (almost too much) advice on the pitfalls ahead and strategies for coming out nearly-unscathed. I had lots of advice about the job market. Lots of advice about the dissertation. Lots of advice about prelims, about coursework. The same has held true… Continue reading Writing without deadlines

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Semiotic Resources

So far, in my first semester as a graduate student, I have been in strange worlds and familiar territories with unmapped quadrants. I have a little knowledge about networks and consequences of the network for users, viewers, and society. I know some things about the composition paradigms. I am familiar with rhetorical concerns in the… Continue reading Semiotic Resources